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Progress on Phantom and sneak peek

Friday, 10 February 2017 by @jan & @crush (!)

Hi all,

as you all know, exciting times are behind us and even more so ahead of us. A lot of things are happening, both in the team and in the community.

First, our migration from Slack to Ryver has been completed successfully and you can now reach us at If you haven’t yet signed up, you can do so here. Our community is currently close to 380 members strong, supporting each other wherever possible.

Secondly, we have always received a lot of interest in our core product, nicknamed Phantom, which will be the other half of the Shift Network, next to our Delegated POS blockchain, and we are finally getting closer to our first milestone of a working implementation. Phantom is our solution to an ever-growing privatization of the internet, powered by IPFS and enabling users to participate, collaborate, publish and exchange anything from ideas to value freely, while even monetizing their content and efforts – directly.

Our lead Phantom developer @ralfs has been working continuously to implement IPFS and enable our first step on the road to a better, decentralized web. In its current state, IPFS comes as a simple command line tool, missing a user-friendly interface to enable anyone to participate. Since our highest aim is to provide an all inclusive experience for anyone to participate in the new web, one of our first priorities is user friendliness with a working GUI and simple Drag-n-Drop functionality in our upcoming release, being a first step in that direction.

We are excited to show you these early screens to give a first impression of how easy interaction with Phantom will be, even in these early stages. Important to state is that this is already functional, not just a static page without the functionality! 

At this point we are able to publish content and files to the official IPFS network, with access to it enabled through the IPFS gateways.

We’re considering to submit our developments to the IPFS project for review and potential addition to the official repositories after our initial release. If you have questions or want to participate in a better, free and open internet, join us on Ryver.

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