Some people contribute to our project by developing dApps, creating monitoring scripts or helping other community members with setting up a delegate. Also, the core developers need to eat! If you don't have time to contribute in that sort of way but still want to help us, consider donating to one of our donation addresses.

The funds will be used to achieve several goals. Scroll down to read about it!



Server costs

To keep everything running as smoothly as possible we run a lot of servers.
For example:

- our core nodes to keep the market at exchanges like Bittrex online
- a node for (so everyone without a delegate can create a wallet and receive Shift)
- a node for
- a strong node to function as load balancer between several nodes to maximize uptime
- a node for this website and e-mail
- several nodes to run our test network on for development

Each node is at least equipped with 2 CPU's and 2GB of RAM. That's around € 20,- a month per server.
Currently we run over 10 servers so server costs are at least € 200,- a month.
When we could get your help by funding this for us for the year 2017, we don't have to worry about making money first.
We want development to be on top of our to-do list.

dApp development

For Shift to be successful, we need reasons for people to use Shift. One of the reasons is our ongoing project Phantom (read more on page "What it is").
But with dApps, other developers can contribute to this goal as well with building blockchain apps like games, market places, file sharing (IPFS, ongoing).

To encourage other developers to create such dApps we would like to have funds available to reward them for their work.
In the end, they all help to brighten our future.

Community contributions

Shift does not consist of development members only.
We have several great community members that are actively contributing to our cause.

Members who spend a lot of their free time online and let other members know their delegates are not forging,
members that help us with social media compaigns,
members that think of and setup projects like Shift Lotto,...

To reward these members, we would like to give-away some coins every now and then.
It will make more people eager to help the cause of Shift.

Only together we can make this happen!

Development funding

The current Shift Development Team has worked for over 9 months now to bring you a much more stable network, more transparency and most importantly: Phantom.
We've always been sceptic about other coins that did an ICO before they delivered a product. We know money is necessary to grow and attract more developers, but we decided to deliver something first before getting paid.

You all saw our market value and your wallet value grow a lot the past few months because of what we achieved. To continue the grow and to compensate the development team for their hard work, we will use a portion of the shift_donations fund for this.
If you want to see your wallet value grow even more, donate some coins to the developers so they don't have to worry about money anymore.

Thank you for your contribution and trust.

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